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Area Information 
To the east and west of Kabwe are areas, with good but so- far underdeveloped tourist potential, advantaged by Kabwe's central location and proximity to Lusaka and its International Airport.
50 Kilometres west, with a wildlife area(currently a Game Management Area) on the other side of the Kafue River,120km from Kabwe, road access is very poor.
Mulungushi River& Lunsemfwa River: 
including Lunsemfwa Wonder two rivers flow into the western end of the Luangwa Rift Valley over 50km  Kabwe and south of the Mulungushi Dam and Lake which offers good boating and fishing activities.The valleys are very scenic wilderness with good wildlife potential.There is no proper access to the road

  Chifunkunya Hills:
150km east of Kabwe,  a wilderness area of granite mountains 1000 m above the Luangwa to the confluence of Lunsemfwa and Lukusashi with no proper access road.

Institutions and Attractions   
          Offers  Degree courses
  •  One of the top teams in the country
  • Number E1376 Musuku Road, Bwacha   Township, where on 8 March 1958 Kenneth Kaunda was elected President of the Zambia African National Congress.
  • A fig tree with a 50m wide canopy on the east side of Broadway, which served as a meeting place on many occasions during the early years of the town's history.
  • Broken Hill Man memorial at Kabwe municipal council offices
  • Nkrumah University
  • Mulungushi Boating Club: There is a beautiful swimming pool, bar and there are wonderful walks in the surrounding hills.Bird watching is always fruitful.There is an annual Mulungushi Family Fun, held during the Independence week.The Broken Hill Angling Society Shield has been re-introduced, it was last awarded in 1964  
  • Best-selling novelist Wilbur Smith was born in Broken Hill on January 9, 1933.
  • The boxer Michael Norgrove was born in Broken Hill.
  • The remains of an extinct hominid referred to as a Rhodesian man or Kabwe cranium were found in a cave located in Kabwe by miners in 1921. At that time it was the oldest hominid fossil ever found.
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